4 Expert Tips for Perfect Winter Hair

How To Maintain Glossy Hair  – Tips for Perfect Winter Hair

Winter can play havoc with your hair as it tends to get dry and dehydrated because of the cold weather. The after effects of summer and indoor heating, so it’s worth putting in a little extra effort to make sure your locks stay in tip-top shape.

Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver, from The Cotswold Trichology Centre, has given us 4 expert tips for perfect winter hair, to keep your hair looking lustrous and glossy despite the unpredictable weather.

Try Some Hydrating Products

Sally-Ann recommends investing in a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to stop your hair and scalp getting too dry. You could try products such as MoroccanOil’s Moisture Repair. It’s also worth getting yourself a deep conditioning treatment to use once a week to help replenish your hair. If your scalp is slightly dry and itchy treat it by applying some coconut oil overnight. Sally-Ann says the liquid form is easiest and should applied with a dropper or syringe.

Stay Away From Hot Styling Tools

Put down the straighteners! It may be tough but they can make matters worse during the winter months. They lead to dry, damaged, lacklustre locks as well as split ends and actual breakage. If you can’t stop, Sally-Ann recommends keeping usage of straighteners and other heated styling tools to a minimum and turning the temperature settings down to stop further moisture loss.

Up Your Protein

While buying new products can help, the best thing to do  is to examine what you’re putting into your body. Sally-Ann suggests that you increase your protein intake, by eating more meat, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds and pulses, to ensure a glossy head of hair. You can calculate how much you should be eating based on your weight and exercise routine with apps such as MyFitnessPal. Also, make sure that at least half of your food intake is made up of fruit and veg.

Get Your Vitamin D

Hair growth slows down by about a third in the winter months as we’re missing those UV rays which help increase our natural Vitamin D. Take a Vitamin D supplement throughout the winter to counterbalance the effect of the lack of sunshine.

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