5 Things To Remember When Looking After Salon Hair Loss Clients

Looking After Hair Loss Clients


Most hair loss clients are very self-conscious about sitting in front of the mirror. Having wet hair in a busy salon magnifies this. It might seem odd but trial a ‘mirror free’ styling station in your salon. You will be surprised at how many ladies will prefer it. I recently saw an article about a salon that had removed some of its mirrors and was applauded for it.


Your client may be happy for you talk about her hair in the salon but keep your voice down. If you notice one of your regulars has developed a bald patch, no one wants to be the bringer of bad news. but it is best if you quietly let them know so that they can seek help, people get quite annoyed when they find out they have a bald patch that DEFINATELY must have been there when they last saw their hairdresser.

Be Gentle

Yes, some people like a good scrub at the backwash (I hate this!) but a hair loss client most certainly will not. Give scalp brushes a miss even if you think you are helping to stimulate the scalp. You might be in love with your new metal cutting comb but your sensitive hair client won’t be. Avoid polishing your clients hair poker straight with the irons, blow-dry gently with bounce.

Recommend Help

Your client may really appreciate a recommendation to a local Trichologist. Seek out your nearest, call them for a chat and ask for some business cards. See if you feel comfortable in sending your clients to them, maybe even ask if you can meet up. They may be just as happy to send clients back to you if you are ‘hair loss friendly’ hairdresser.


Resist the urge to sell your client hair loss treatments if you can’t diagnose their hair loss condition and recommend the appropriate treatment. However, Camouflage products that mask the scalp and make hair appear thicker can really bring a smile to clients face. Brands such as Nanogen and Topic make the better quality hair fibers. Clients who like the effect could even take it a step further and have scalp micropigmentation treatment – a similar effect but doesn’t wash off.

Nanogen fibres

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