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About Cotswold Trichology

Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver MIT.FTTS – Education

I qualified as a Trichologist following three years study with The Institute of Trichologists in 1997. Once qualified I sought a suitable location to open a practice in Evesham, Worcestershire – my hometown and have been there since. I became a full member of the Institute of Trichologists (MIT) in 2001 following three years in full time practice.

In 2000 i was awarded a Licentiateship of the Trichological Society (LTTS) and became a member of the Society’s Governing Council some years later. In 2008 I was elected as President of The Society and very proudly served from term 2008-2010.  Later in 2014 i was awarded a Fellowship (FTTS) of The Society.

Experience & Interest

For two years I also practiced in the world renowned Harley Street, London. However, although this was an enjoyable experience, I found that due to a lack of treatment facilities available, I was unable to offer the same high level of service as at the Evesham Trichology Practice. My primary focus is to offer good service and facilities to my patients rather than a glossy address on a business card.

My interest inTrichology began after I was involved in a road traffic collision in 1991. The trauma of the accident resulted in acute hair loss (acute Telogen Effluvium) but also initiated an interest in Trichology.  I realised there were many people suffering hair loss like me but no qualified Trichologists within five counties at that time. I believe my personal hair loss experience allows me greater empathy for patients on a personal level.

Sally-Ann Tarver

Many years have passed since my interest in Trichology began. Becoming a Trichologist has enabled me to help 1000’s of people but also enhanced my own health, nutrition and lifestyle. Even after over 20 years, rarely does a week go by without learning something new for the benefit of patients.

Media Interest

I give interviews to Journalists on hair loss and scalp problems on virtually a weekly basis. I have been invited to appear on TV twice (This Morning & The Vanessa Show) and regularly speak on local BBC Radio stations

Some of the media i have been published in or given expert quotes for include the following:

Media Enquiries
Media enquiries are welcome. Please get in touch if you would like to speak to me regarding hair articles you may be working on. I am happy to answer brief questions by email. However, if more extensive information is necessary, a phone interview may be more suitable. I run a very busy clinic and do not have time to write large pieces of information during the day but can spare time to speak. Call on 01386 421703 or email via our contact page.

About Cotswold Trichology

Established in 1998, Cotswold Trichology is the Midlands’ longest serving Trichology clinic for hair loss and scalp problems. The clinic is purpose designed and situated in a secondary retail area of Evesham.  The first floor of the building is currently being refurbished to offer more hair related services such as a second consulting room and a Scalp Micro-pigmentation treatment room.

Trichology consulting room

Scalp treatment and wig fitting room







Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver MIT.FTTS has over 20-years experience in diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and scalp problems . Other services we offer include wig supply and fitting and food intolerance testing. The ground floor has good wheelchair access and hosts the main reception, consulting room and treatment room.

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