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Thinning Hair – Top Sante Magazine

Getting to the root of this distressing problem is the key to treating it For many women, a healthy head of hair is a large part of what makes us feel feminine, so seeing it thin can really affect our self-esteem. But as many as one in three of us will suffer at some point,… Read more

Trichological Scalp Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis and Other Itchy Flaky Scalp Conditions.

Many people visit my practise for advice on itchy flaky scalp conditions, many consider they have scalp Psoriasis following a diagnosis from a GP or someone else in the family who has Psoriasis. True scalp Psoriasis is quite hard to treat. Some patients react with excellent results with very little scalp treatment, most of which… Read more

Head Girl – Sally-Ann Examines The Roots of Your Problem

Published in MirrorWorks – Daily Mirror Thursday 15th January 2009 Written by Laurette Ziemer, Photo’s by Ian Vogler Sally-Ann Tarver is well qualified to help people with hair loss – hers fell out when she was a teenager. It was caused by shock when she was hit by a car. Now she is one of… Read more

Star Studded Advice – Sally-Ann Tarver on Channel Five’s Vanessa Feltz Show

Fans of Vanessa Feltz and her Channel5 TV show will have been delighted to spot a familiar Evesham star recently. Port Street-based Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver was called in to the studios to offer help and advice to alopecia sufferers, and the special guest alongside Sally-Ann was the lovely Gail Porter, who has personal experience of… Read more

A Road Accident Changed my Life – She Magazine – October 2009

“One evening, 19 years ago, I was riding my motorbike home from my boyfriend’s house. It was dusk and, as I approached a junction, I noticed a car waiting for me to pass – or so I thought….”

A Car Accident Set Me On My Great Career Path – Good Housekeeping Magazine November 2008

Sally-Ann Tarver, 33, is divorced and lives in Evesham, Worcestershire ‘I was 16 when a car pulled out into my motorbike and put me in hospital with a badly broken arm and leg. I took a long time to heal, and suffered from anaemia and drastic weight loss due to the crash. Then my hair… Read more

My hair loss made me suicidal – Take 5 Magazine – September 2008

I was mowing the lawn when I noticed my finger was really itchy. I’d been bitten by some kind of insect. Later my hand swelled and I could feel tingling up and down my arm. My GP prescribed antibiotics. It was a serious reaction but we didn’t know what caused it. A couple of weeks… Read more

Midland Trichologist set to reign as the youngest President – May 2008

Midlands leading Consultant Trichologist, Sally-Ann Tarver, is set to reign as the new and youngest national President of The Trichological Society to date. Sally-Ann Tarver, Director of The Cotswold Trichology Centre, Evesham, took over as President of The Trichological Society on May 19 th this year, after becoming a member of the Society in 2000… Read more

Care for your crowning glory – Cotswold Life Magazine – March 2008

‘Amy’ was desperate. Her thin hair was so brittle that Trichologist, Sally-Ann Tarver, of The Cotswold Trichology Centre could see her scalp from every angle. The root of the problem was that ‘Amy’ had been a blood donor for 25 years and on an inadequate diet, was severely anaemic. Sally-Ann said: “Within three months of… Read more

Birmingham Post ‘enterprise’ – Wednesday February 20th 2008

A hair loss studio is launching a new professional wig and wig cutting service for women across the West Midlands. The Evesham-based Cotswold Trichology Centre says the new wigs can help people coping with the trauma of alopecia, or recovering from cancer. It moved into the new area after dealing with huge numbers of women… Read more

Flood-hit businesses open up after months of hard slog – Evesham Journal Thursday 15th November 2007

Evesham’s recovery from the July floods took a major step forward this week as two businesses re-opened and a third relocated to new premises. The revival was welcomed by Lew Hammond, the Market Town Partnership manager, who said it marked a significant milestone in the town’s recovery. Speaking at an open day hosted by Sally-Ann… Read more

When Sally-Ann Decided it would be best to leave! – Evesham Journal Thursday 2nd August 2007

Evesham businesswoman Sally-Ann Tarver and a friend were winched to safety by firemen from a first floor window above her Port Street shop. The rescue, dramatically captured on camera by restaurateur Ronald Gijsel, came after the couple had initially decided to sit our the floods. Sally-Ann said: “As soon as I realised the place was… Read more

Hair expert Sally-Ann live on TV – Evesham Journal Thursday 31st May 2007

An Evesham woman has appeared live on ITV’s This Morning with Philip Schofield and Fern Britton as an expert help regarding hair loss issues. Sally-Ann Tarver, of the Cotswold Trichology Centre in Port Street, Evesham, was asked to advise on celebrity Jason Gardener’s hair loss issues as he attempted to come to terms with it… Read more

My Pillow Was Covered in Hair Every Morning – Zest Magazine January 2003

When her hair started coming out in clumps, Delia Wright, 33, a telecommunications consultant from London, was distraught. Eventually, she was diagnosed with chronic telogen effluvium – and told that lifestyle changes could help her overcome it As told to Beverly Kemp Photograph Mark Bramley ‘Until recently, I was in a very pressurised job. My… Read more

My hair was falling out in huge clumps – ‘Spirit of Superdrug Magazine July/August 2001

Donna Mifflin developed alopecia areata after a stressful year. She is 25 years old and works as a care assistant. ‘One day in October 1999 I was combing my hair and I noticed a tiny bald patch by my left ear. I went to my GP who diagnosed alopecia areata but assured me it was… Read more