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Hair Loss in Women – 5 Steps For Thicker Hair.

5 Steps to Solving Hair Loss in Women. Hair loss affects a massive proportion of women in the UK and few who suffer with it, temporary (acute) or long term (chronic) know where to start. Most will go through the pharmacy’s shelves to find a ‘quick fix’ shampoo, lotion or pill in the hope it… Read more

No Thats Not A Wig, Sally-Ann’s Gone Pink!

Published in The Evesham Journal, Worcester News, online and in print. Thursday 29th October.     A woman who fits wigs for breast cancer patients has dyed her hair bright pink to raise money for a breast cancer charity. Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver is more used to warning people against dying their hair bright colours but… Read more

9 Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster – January 2015

Published by cheree Published on 27 January 2015 Hair watching. Definition: When you’re impatiently waiting for those extra couple of inches of lob to nudge you into long hair territory and yet it takes FOREVER and a day. Been there, felt the pain without the gain? Luckily, we’ve uncovered the tips to make your hair… Read more

Your Healthy Hair Guide –

The natural way to tackle hair loss “Hair loss is a sensitive subject for women,” says Sally-Ann Tarver MIT.FTTS, director of the Cotswold Trichology Centre ( “When people think of thinning hair, they often think of balding men, but millions of women in the UK are also suffering this problem at some point in their… Read more

Can Hair Turn Grey Overnight, Mens Health 1st April 2011

A: As a kid I remember watching Poltergeist and marvelling at how the lead character’s hair turned grey after her encounter with the dark forces of evil on ‘the other side’. But could it really happen? Could you really go to bed with a brown barnet and wake up with a bad case of the Linekers? Thankfully, for… Read more