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Lockdown 3
Cotswold Trichology is closed for Face to Face appointments again until further notice that personal care services my open.

I will be offering web consults on Tuesdays and Fridays for anyone who would like help with their hair during lockdown. Web consults are the next best thing to face to face appointments. I charge slightly less for web consults (£100) than the normal initial consultation fee (£125) and ask that you come in for a face to face examination and short review after lockdown. For this I would charge the remainder of the normal consultation fee (£25) for a 15 minute appointment or £50 for a further half hour).

Wig fittings are difficult but not impossible, if you have an urgent medical need for a wig please call and I will try my best to help. The Government authorised an exemption for cosmetic services necessary chemotherapy treatment on January 14th. So it is now possible for us to offer this service if you feel comfortable in doing so. 

I am also able to fulfil home care orders and take phone calls on Tuesday and Thursdays, so if you need anything please call between 10am – 3pm on these days.

Kind regards Sally-Ann Tarver MIT.FTTS