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Bookings now open for after April 13th.

Book Appointment – Trichology

If it’s your first time visiting us use our online booking form to book your first consultation appointment. For more information on what to expect read our ‘what to expect‘ page.

If you would rather speak with a Trichologist before booking, call 01386 421703. Please note, our Trichologist may be with another patient when you call and she may need to call you back. If you prefer to book appointments via email and have questions, please click here.

Returning Patients

If you have been before, book a follow-up or scalp treatment appointment. A telephone follow-up appointment may be more convenient if your hair and scalp does not need examination. If you need a discussion, bear in mind that the Trichologist may have back to back appointments and booking your phone slot is the best way to  get questions answered or blood test comments. 

If it has been more than 3 years since your last appointment or you have a new problem, please book another initial consultation. A thirty minute appointment may not be enough. If the appointment only lasts 30 minutes, this is all we will charge for. 

Wig Appointments

We carry a small stock of wigs but prefer to order for each person. This way we ensure you have the right wig in the best colour. Therefore we suggest booking a wig consultation to choose a selection of wigs. Your wig fitting appointment will be booked at the end of the wig consultation when we have an ETA for your wig delivery. This can be as soon as the following day.

Scalp Micropigmentation Consultations 

Free 15 minute consultation to determine your suitability and explain what to expect from each treatment.

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