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Hair Loss in Women – 5 Steps For Thicker Hair.

5 Steps to Solving Hair Loss in Women. Hair loss affects a massive proportion of women in the UK and few who suffer with it, temporary (acute) or long term (chronic) know where to start. Most will go through the pharmacy’s shelves to find a ‘quick fix’ shampoo, lotion or pill in the hope it… Read more

Your Healthy Hair Guide –

The natural way to tackle hair loss “Hair loss is a sensitive subject for women,” says Sally-Ann Tarver MIT.FTTS, director of the Cotswold Trichology Centre ( “When people think of thinning hair, they often think of balding men, but millions of women in the UK are also suffering this problem at some point in their… Read more

Thinning Hair – Top Sante Magazine

Getting to the root of this distressing problem is the key to treating it For many women, a healthy head of hair is a large part of what makes us feel feminine, so seeing it thin can really affect our self-esteem. But as many as one in three of us will suffer at some point,… Read more