Cotswold Trichology Covid Protection Policy

Cotswold Trichology Covid-19 Protection Policy

We have put the Covid protection policy in place to protect you and your family as well as us, our employees and their families. Policies are similar to those that other personal care providers will be taking to enable them to provide service again.  Please bear with us during this unusual period.

Arrive Alone

Please arrive at your appointment alone unless you are accompanying a child for their appointment. Do not bring children with you. If you are unable to find childcare, please delay your appointment or book a webcam appointment. Normally we are fine with husbands / wives attending but there is only room for one person to be in the consulting room safely at the moment.

Arrive On Time

Please arrive at your appointment time, not before as we have temporarily removed waiting area chairs.  Please try not to be late, if your appointment risks running over leaving no time to sanitise before the next patient, we will have to rebook you for another time.

we allocate 15 minute cleaning gap between appointments. If you arrive too early wei will not have had time to prepare and sanitise for you.


Please use the hand sanitizer located to the right of the front door on entering.

Toilet Facilities

Toilet facilities are available but we would prefer if you did not use them unless it is urgent as we will need to clean following each use.

Consulting Room.

The vinyl swivel chair is sanitised between appointments. A large Perspex screen is between the patient chair and Trichologist. This enables face to face communication whilst keeping both you and your Trichologist safe.There is only room for one person behind the screen so please leave guests outside.

Hair and Scalp Examination

During a hair and scalp examination, both patients and Trichologist will wear a disposable 3 ply mask. Trichologist will sanitise hands and wear disposable gloves. Microscope and camera analysis will only be carried out if absolutely necessary.

Treatment Room

A Dyson Air purifier runs constantly in this room, between appointments a UV room steriliser runs for 15 minutes.

Both patient and Trichologist will wear a 3 ply disposable mask and visor for the duration of any treatment. Trichologist will wear gloves for treatments but not for wig cutting. We use disposable, single use towels and capes for wet treatments. I’m sorry these really are not great! The chair and backwash are cleaned between patients.

Unfortunately, i cannot rough dry your hair after a wet treatment or offer you a hairdrier. This is due to particles / droplets being blown around the room. If it is cold outside, bring a hat / turban to wear after a wet treatment.

Combs, clips, scissors forceps are sterilised with Barbicide (as they normally are) or  placed in a UV steriliser for 30 minutes.


Card payments and cash still accepted as normal. We have  not increased fees to cover the cost of PPE and cleaning or for the additional 15 minute gap either side of your appointment. Please bear in mind that a 30 minute appointment slot requires booking out 60 minutes in total, so if your appointment happens to be slightly shorter than you slot, there will be no discounting at this time.

These measures have been put in place in accordance with procedures advised by the UK Government for persons carrying out close contact work.