Five Steps to Thicker Hair – Hair Loss in Women

Five Steps to Thicker Hair – Hair loss affects a massive proportion of women in the UK. However, few people suffering with hair loss, whether  temporary or long term know what to do. Most will go to the pharmacy for a ‘quick fix’ shampoo, lotion or pill. Unfortunately there is no quick fix! You need to actually know why it has happened.

The basic five steps to thicker hair I’ve listed below are what I would recommend if someone to ask me ‘How do you stop hair loss in women?’

worried about hair loss womanConsult Someone Who Has Experience And Knowledge About Hair Loss.

Rather than spending hours searching Google for ‘hair loss in women’, seeing a Trichologist (hair loss specialist) can save you a lot of time and money, an experienced Trichologist will have seen many thousands of cases of hair loss, some of which will be just like yours.

You will pay a consultation fee for this advice and guidance but in most cases it will cost less than a three month course of the most expensive hair vitamin on the market. You should come out of the appointment with answers, a plan of action or at least where you need to investigate next.

Get a Diagnosis.

If you know what type of hair loss you are suffering and what has caused it, you have a better chance of treating it effectively and not wasting time and money on treatments which are never going to work for you.

For example; there is no point in using Regain (Minoxidil) on a scarring alopecia condition and vitamins will have little effect on Female Pattern Baldness.

Consult Your GP For Blood Tests.

Many women with hair loss suffer from relatively simple to treat problems that can be diagnosed with a blood test. The tests bblood sampleelow are the basics that any woman suffering from hair loss should have before moving on to look at another cause. Once the results are obtained, compare with the ‘hair loss minimum levels’ below:

Serum Ferritin – minimum 50ug/l
B12 – minimum 400 ug/l
Low Vitamin D – minimum 50
TSH (Thyroid) – maximum 4

Go On A Health Kick!

Sometimes hair loss is your body’s way of telling you its time to sort your life out, eat properly, take some exercise, reduce your stress.

Sometimes its not always easy but take a long honest look at your lifestyle and diet and see if there are any small changes you can make. Try and make one small change a week and stick with it.

Try The Latest in Hair Growth Technology.

If you’ve tried all of the above already and are still unhappy with your hair, there is still another option. Technology has brought us laser therapy that you use in the comfort of your own home.

Laser Phototherapy works by flooding the scalp with coherent light at a specific wavelength to increase microcirculation, oxygen and nutrients. This in turn reduces hair loss, stimulates any available dormant hair follicles and helps existing hairs grow thicker. Laser Phototherapy has been available in hair clinics for decades but has always been very expensive and unfortunately often recommended by sales people rather than experts.

Laser hair growth treatment is not a cure for hair loss and in most cases needs to be maintained to keep any positive results. There are a number of home use devices on the market, the most popular being:

Types of Device

Hand Held Devices –  The HairMax Laser Comb. This is one of the longest standing devices, it is relatively inexpensive and the clinical study results are positive. However, this product takes dedication as the user needs to manually move the comb through the hair repeatedly for around 15-20 minutes. Many people give up before they’ve used it for long enough to see a positive result or don’t use it often enough because they cannot make the time.

The iGrow – great idea but significantly underpowered. Only 21 true lasers, the other red lights in the device are LED’s which have not been proven to have any therapeutic effect on hair growth. Its also mains powered so you have to sit my a wall plug to use it.

The Theradome LH80 PRO – By far the most technologically advanced, powerful and easy to use. Primarily designed to treat hair loss in women, the device has 80 lasers set into a lightweight helmet that covers the top of the head to below the crown and part of the way down the sides of the scalp.

It is lightweight, rechargeable, hands-free and self timing.  The built voice tells you how many treatments you have carried out, when the treatment has finished and when the battery needs charging. It has been available in the UK since June 2014 and has had many positive customer and press reviews. For more information visit

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These steps to thicker hair are the very basics, if you are concerned, please consult a Trichologist.