Hair Loss In The Salon – Brush Out The Problem

Hair Loss in the salon. As hair loss has no age limit, it can be embarrassing for clients to cope with. We spoke to industry professionals who reveal what signs to look out for, tips on managing hair loss in the salon and how clients can avoid it.

Leading trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver from The Cotswold Trichology Centre has plenty of experience at the cutting edge of diagnosis, treatment and advice on all aspects of hair loss and scalp problems. 

Sally told us it is estimated that one in four women suffer hair loss at some time in their life.  Then over half of men suffer significant hair thinning before the age of 40. 

She said: “Today a lot more people are becoming open to talking about hair loss, especially since the growth of the internet and social media. It is easier for us to seek help, find out what we can do and to talk about it with trained professionals.

“When I began in Trichology, I did so because I recognised there were so many women suffering form hair loss. Most didn’t know where to go or what to do if they noticed something wrong. People would just speak to their hairdresser and it often felt like a much more of an embarrassing and sensitive subject back then.  As no one really talked about it, anyone who suffered from hair loss thought they were in the minority as the issue was not as widely discussed and accepted as it is today.”

Sally provided us with the first 6 signs of hair loss and her top 6 tips on how to deal with these:

6 signs of hair loss:

  • More hair noticed in the shower
  • More hair lost when blow-drying
  • Hair thinning 
  • Feeling more heat/cold on your scalp
  • Reduced density
  • Shorter blow-drying time

6 ways on how to deal with hair loss:

  • For sudden hair loss – look at what happened 2/3 months ago
  • Check that your hair is not breaking, rather than falling out
  • See your GP for blood tests
  • Seek advice from a registered trichologist
  • Don’t self-diagnose
  • Try Laser Phototherapy 

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