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Hair Webcam Consults

Hair Webcam Consults

New Online Hair Webcam Consults Facility

Due to  Covid 19 restrictions, our normally strict rules on webcam consults have been relaxed for 6 weeks.  If you are not able to attend the clinic in person and would like a hair webcam consults, I can now offer this facility.

Initial ‘Prelim’ Online Consultations

This service really is for hair loss cases rather than scalp complaints.  It still really is impossible to give a scalp complaint diagnosis without thoroughly looking at the scalp in detail. Similarly, it is impossible to give a diagnosis of a hair condition problem without being able to feel it and see it in in person.

With these factors in mind, please be aware I may not be able to give a firm diagnosis of some hair conditions without meeting you face to face to observe, analyse or test your hair. However, I can take and discuss your health, lifestyle, past history, blood tests, the course of your hair compliant over time etc. All of the things I would normally do with you sat here.

Therefore, all webcam consults are offered inclusive of a further free 15 minute face to face consultation. This is to confirm a diagnosis / examine your hair once the population is able to move freely again. No discount is offered if you choose not to take the follow up appointment as the initial online appointment is already heavily discounted.

Follow Up Webcam Consults

Past patients can book a 15 or 30 minute online follow-up appointment. This is particularly useful for blood test reviews and what to do next plan of actions. I am not able to examine your hair but it is more helpful than on just speaking on the phone. Booking an appointment rather than just calling means I will be expecting you and have your notes out ready.

Blood Tests and your GP

Please don’t call your GP at this time. The NHS is under great strain, so if you need blood tests please pay for them privately. You can do this easily at Thriva  , order the baseline test. they are very efficient and results come through by email a day or so after you have ordered. 

Booking a Webcam Consult

Use our booking page here to book either an initial consult or a follow up. I will send you a link to our web consulting room facility with instructions on how to use it. You can use either a laptop or download an app for your phone or tablet. If you find this confusing I can also use Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype if you prefer. 


I intend to continue working at the clinic on Tuesday’s and Fridays. This will largely be for online consults, telephone calls and to access paperwork I can’t at home. Patients are still welcome to come in, all areas will be sanitised between visits you can call the landline on 01386 421703  if you need to or would like to speak to me.

The other 5 days, until the world returns to normal I will be ….. 😭 a stay at home mom homeschooling my child, crafting, gardening and attempting to hold some kind of routine so I know what day it is…… please pray for me 😢 Trichology

I will be adding to my clinic Facebook regularly, I may even put my face on a FB live session. Please ‘like’ my page and I will try and put motivational and humorous stuff up from time to time 😁