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Ladies Wigs & Personalisation Service

Sally-Ann has been fitting ladies wigs for medical needs since 2008. This was largely due to the lack of proficient wig witters in the area to send clients to. As a former trained hairdresser, wig fitting and cutting was easy to add to the Trichology clinic. She has been to Trevor Sorbie’s Ladies wigs cutting days in Hammersmith and spent time at his Covent Garden Salon. Our clients are largely those with a need due to Chemotherapy or long term suffers of Alopecia Totalis or Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. We also look after the ladies wigs for many Transgender clients at various stages of their transition.

How Our Ladies Wig Service Works

Two appointments are normally needed. The first free consultation is normally 15 minutes long and really to find out what you are looking for.  There are  many wig styles and in a huge variety of colours. It would be impossible (and expensive) to keep them all for you to choose from our own stock.

Trendco are our supplier, they have the largest selection available in the UK for us to order from. Wigs are specifically ordered for each person to ensure the correct colours and styles are available for each fitting.  Normally we would order 3-6 for each person. 

Ladies Wigs 

If you need a wig before Chemotherapy or would prefer to just come once, you can send a photograph we will do our best to choose the closest wigs to your own hairstyle. We are also on the Worcestershire NHS wig provider list so if you are under Worcester NHST you should be entitled to a voucher towards your wig.

Wig Cutting & Aftercare

Ladies wigs have improved so much in the last 15 years, it is not always necessary for them to be cut. Most come out of the box looking great but if it needs cutting or thinning we can do that at the appointment. If you purchase a wig from somewhere else, we can still offer a cutting service at a similar going rate to the average high end hair salon. Reasonably priced aftercare products are available and we will explain how to use them.


We do not charge for wig consultations for medical purposes. The purchase cost of a wig includes and cutting if necessary. The approximate cost of our wigs supplied by Trendco (Rene of Paris, Amore, Noriko, Sentoo), range from around £150 for a basic quality acrylic wig to £350 for a premium quality monofilament acrylic wig. Human hair wigs range from £2000-£3000. 

Ladies Wigs For Transgender

We offer the same wig service to Trans clients as our other ladies. Whether you have a specific idea of the look you want or are looking for constructive advice on what does and does not look good, we are happy to help choose the wigs that make you look feminine.

Ladies Wig

I have many Trans clients who are at various stages of their transition and also clients who dress just for a bit of fun. My practice is discreet and private,  you will not be sat in a room with other people at your appointment.

There are benefits to visiting a Trans friendly consultant rather than randomly buying wigs online.

You can try on different shapes, lengths and colours and I can offer constructive suggestions on what suits your face shape, jaw line and skin tone. The final decision is entirely up to you dependent on the look you’re going for.


Acrylic wigs are great as they need little or no styling. In my experience, most of my Trans wig clients are not very good at styling human hair wigs. If your preference is for very long hair, human hair wigs tend to last longer. 

An issue which sometimes arises for Trans ladies is head size! Some wig ranges are more generous than others.  It is also possible to adapt a wig to make it slightly less tightly fitting. A number of wigs are manufacturer in an extra large cap. 

My main profession is as a consultant Trichologist (hair and scalp specialist).  I can offer independent advice on hair loss treatments and hair transplant surgery for replacement or hair line feminisation.

To book an appointment or for further advice call 01386 421703. If I am unavailable please leave a message I will always call back.


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