No Thats Not A Wig, Sally-Ann’s Gone Pink!

Published in The Evesham Journal, Worcester News, online and in print.
Thursday 29th October.

IMG_5615   Bright Pink Hair!

A woman who fits wigs for breast cancer patients has dyed her hair bright pink to raise money for a breast cancer charity.

Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver is more used to warning people against dying their hair bright colours but decided to go against her own advice for the good cause.

She took the plunge on Friday, October 32 which is Wear it Pink day. Ms Tarver, who works at Cotswold Trichology, in Port Street, Evesham, said: “I felt I needed to do more than just wear a pink T-Shirt to work on Wear it Pink day.

“In jest someone suggested I dye my hair pink. Trichologists are not well known for dying their hair bright colours, in fact most Trichologists would normally advise against it.”

Ms Tarver opted to take the plunge for Breast Cancer Now, which is the charity that promotes Wear it Pink day.