Saturday Appointments

Saturday Appointments

Saturday Appointments

Saturday Appointment Policy

For many working people, weekends are family time but may be the only time available to attend essential health and grooming appointments. Therefore, we try to balance our own family commitments with making Saturday appointments available.

We open two Saturdays a month which means that Saturday appointments can often be booked up eight weeks in advance. However, Saturdays are four times as likely to suffer from late cancellations, late rescheduling and no shows as weekday appointments.

This means someone desperate for a Saturday appointment may wait a long time but cannot make a last-minute cancellation. Several last-minute cancellations may be spread out over the day. This results in time slots too short for a new patient on our waiting list.

Following a recent increase in wasted Saturday appointments (and our own wasted family time), we have taken the decision to shorten Saturday from 6 hours to 4 hours. We feel it is also necessary to introduce a 50% Saturday booking fee for all appointments. However this excludes patients who have attended appointments more than 6 times in the past year.

It is commonplace for Trichology clinics and grooming businesses to request advanced booking fees for all appointments. This has never been necessary for week-day appointments but unfortunately it is now necessary to request Saturday booking fees.

Terms and Conditions of Saturday Appointments

 The 50% booking fee will be redeemable against appointment attendance. Appointments missed, rescheduled or cancelled with less than 24 hour’s notice will lose the full booking fee.  Appointments rescheduled or cancelled between 24 hours and 72 hours (1-3 days) will lose 50% of the booking fee.

In the interest of ‘reasonableness’ if something occurs which is outside of your control such as a flat tire, child projectile vomiting, weather event or a positive covid test, please send a picture as evidence and we will of course wave the fee.

By booking a Saturday appointment and paying the booking fee you agree to the above conditions.

Booking Fee Payment

Appointments already scheduled will be sent a booking deposit request by email. If you would rather not pay a booking fee, you are welcome to reschedule your appointment to a weekday. If you no longer require your appointment, please let us know by phone or email.

Saturday appointments booked after the 1st August will be pencilled in for up to 48 hours until the booking fee is paid. If the fee is not paid the appointment will be cancelled.