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Scalp Treatment – Initial Consultation

We are often asked about the scalp treatments we offer for dry scalp conditions such as; scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema and seborrhoeic dermatitis. It depends on the condition and the severity of the scaling but we will usually suggest clinic scalp treatments, home scalp treatment or both.

First we carry out a full consultation to find out which scalp condition you are suffering from and give you the best advice and scalp treatment. If your scalp scale is very thick, we may ask you to go home and so it in coconut or jojoba oil for a week. This begins the softening process before we will carry out a clinic treatment. This often results in a more gentle and effective clinic scalp treatment.

What Happens at a Clinic Scalp Treatment?

For most dry scalp conditions we use a special scalp treatment cream dependent on your individual condition. It may contain moisturisers, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-fungal’s but most importantly a keratolytic to soften the scalp scale or crust.

The scalp treatment cream is applied to your scalp in sections then massaged in thoroughly. Your scalp is gently steamed for 10-20 minutes, the moist heat helps to soften the crust or scalp scale and help the cream to penetrate.

The cream is washed off, shampooed then the softened scale or crust can be gently scraped off. The scalp treatment is finished off with either a cooling moisturiser or anti-inflammatory cream or gel.

Scalp Condition Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of this type of scalp treatment?
Following a scalp treatment, your scalp scale will be reduced or even flake free. The softening and manual removal of scale enables the scalp underneath to be treated more effectively. This type of scalp treatment can be effective in cases where shampoos and scalp lotions have failed.
Will the scalp scaling return once it has been removed?
Often over the following weeks, scalp scaling will begin to return again. With subsequent scalp treatments, the condition should improve, particularly if home scalp treatments are used in between clinic treatments.
Will my condition improve?
Often over the following weeks, scalp scaling will begin to return again. With subsequent scalp treatments, the condition should improve, particularly if home scalp treatments are used in between clinic treatments.
Can I do this at home?
This kind of scalp treatment should only be carried out by an experienced professional. It is not recommended that you try this at home. Picking and scraping off flakes or hard crusts if done incorrectly can cause permanent bald patches.
How many scalp treatments will I need and how frequently?
It depends on the condition and its severity. We normally recommend fortnightly treatment initially to get the problem under control. If too much time elapses between treatments, scalp scale can build up and the condition takes longer to become manageable. As the scalp improves, appointments can be less frequent. However, chronic conditions such as psoriasis may need maintenance treatments every 1-2 months.
What do scalp treatments cost and how long does it take?
We allow an hour which costs £55. In very extreme cases we may need to allow 90 minutes. Our fee for an extended treatment is £70 but we will advise you of this if we feel an extended appointment is necessary.
Do I need to treat my scalp at home too?

Your scalp problem will improve significantly faster if you treat it at home in between visits. We have a number of user-friendly scalp products we can recommend for home use including:

• Shampoo’s – medicated, calming, moisturising or anti-inflammatory.
• Lightweight Oils – to soak your scalp over night or before a clinic treatment.
• Overnight scalp treatment – anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, antifungal, keratolytic (scale softening)
• Scalp moisturiser – to soften, sooth, moisturise, cool and keep itching at bay.
• Steroids – in cases of exceptional inflammation we may need to recommend the use of topical steroids but usually very short term.

How much will home scalp products initially cost me?
It varies according to the condition but we estimate your initial purchases to be £20 – £50 maximum. Some products are used faster than others but should last between 1 – 3 months. Our scalp products are branded and made by reputable manufacturers, we do not make our own. We feel it is important to supply you with the best we can to solve your scalp problems as quickly as possible.

Further Information

If you would like more information on scalp problems or scalp treatments please contact us on 01386 421703 or email us.

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