When Sally-Ann Decided it would be best to leave! – Evesham Journal Thursday 2nd August 2007

Evesham businesswoman Sally-Ann Tarver and a friend were winched to safety by firemen from a first floor window above her Port Street shop.flood

The rescue, dramatically captured on camera by restaurateur Ronald Gijsel, came after the couple had initially decided to sit our the floods.

Sally-Ann said: “As soon as I realised the place was going to flood, I called David Nolan, a friend, who came round and helped me move everything out of the shop. The last floods in 1998 happened just a couple of weeks before I was due to open the business, so I had a good idea what to expect.

We got everything out of the way and then went upstairs. We were going to sit it out until I realised the water was getting close to a light switch for the flat which could have meant we would lose power. I wasn’t so keen in sitting it out in the dark so we had a word with the firemen from Buckinghamshire who were in a boat outside. After talking to them, we decided it would be best to leave and they helped us into the boat and delivered us to dry land.”

Sally-Ann, owner of the Cotswold Trichology Centre, was quickly back in business, however.

“One of the local hairdressers has very kindly loaned me a consulting room with its own entrance, so I am still able to see clients,” she said. “However, it is by appointment only and anyone wishing to see me should get in touch by telephone.”